Meet Neetu Malik - Designing Clothes for Women


Designer and creator of M Square, Neetu Malik wants to get to know her customers, in order to get to know each other we have to start with introductions.

As M Square takes its collections directly to you, Neetu wants to let you in and tell you all about how she got started and what makes M Square different from other fashion brands.

    • How did you start M Square?
Having a lot of experience in this market, I realized that effortless and creatively designed clothes were missing in the market, especially for a woman who doesn’t have a waistline or Hollywood bodies.
    • What is different about M Square?
M Square has an edge of sophistication that enhances a woman’s figure, made in special textures of fabrics and great silhouettes.
    • What inspires you when you create for M Square?
    You the woman who is wearing it inspires me. When I see how the fabrics and the style have given new life to the figure, it keeps me going.
      • Tips for women creating their personal style?
    The advice I got from my Mom was to create my own style. Dress according to the shape and lines of your body. Feel confident and comfortable.